Mainstream Medias Around the World Broadcasted the Grand Opening of Brookstone First Airport Store

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The so-called popular “unicorn”--Brookstone has new actions, after opened 6 stores all around the country. The first Brookstone airport store settled in terminal 3, Beijing Capital International Airport aiming at the airport customers which increased 10% per year to realize the traveling-retail model at the orientation of “traveling stuff + unique new”, to fill up the empty in national airport retailing industry.

Hundreds of Media at home reported

The opening created much of a stir, not only the media at home reported much, but also the media abroad reported the grand opening of the first Brookstone airport store, included main stream media: Yahoo Finance, Fox, ABC etc., seeking alpha--the best stock market analysis, News Online 25, Kvoa, Kula and other 200 medias.

So many mainstream medias reported the first Brookstone airport store in China even the first one in Asia, and the reaction is effective! Medias all believe that the first Brookstone Traveling-retail model store will develop well, even some foreign medias said that:”The first Brookstone Traveling-retail model store will play an important role in Chinese retailing industry, we can’t say the influence right now, but this kind of model can be copied, but can never be surpassed.

Traveling-retail model settled in Chinese market

The opening of the first airport store opened the new retailing model after flagship store、department store and supermarket store, It is Brookstone that brings New Traveling-retail model in Chinese market. Even though the area of the store is only about 50㎡, but the high quality of scene display and experience is followed, aims at catching the eyes of travelers.

The products all come from Brookstone America, and is been divided from the needs of travelers. You can find many high-technology office products like: folding bluetooth keyboard, U-shape neck pillow, blinders and blanket etc. In light business area. You can also find the products with creativity, functionality and designing like: massager, kinetic sand etc. It is the first time in Chinese traditional retailing company to put the airport in an important role, this will also bring a new market for Brookstone itself.

Full-scale advancement of consumption model in the present situation

Due to the retail recession in recent years, Brookstone has getten good marks and received the reputation of “Unicorn”in retailing. Which not only benefits from the creative outcomes from the products to the channel, but also from the reform of the store retailing value in the background of increasing consumption level.

New unique plus special, refactoring off-line value

Brookstone with their own research groups is the authority in retailing of the new unique products. At present, the transformation and off-line developing and operating model of Hisap are based on the new unique products, with unique new store model: scene display, experience, interactive, together with the xiuhaole which aims at providing door-to-door fixing service, what’s more, with the standard of detailing, fast fashion, zero-defects to provide high experience and satisfaction so as to improve the purchase rate, and with the high-quality service staff, professional store design, accurate customer orientation, so as to form the off-line unique new zoology environment.

Cooperating with each other, forming new zoology environment

If Brookstone is the start point of Hisap retailing transition, then we should focus our eyes firmly on the start point of Sanpower. The strategy of Sanpower is with megadata at a core, with creativity as the power, with industry as the basement, with the capital as the method, surrounded by big consumption, big health, big finance industries to promote the transition at home, with a series of muti-culture distribution, abroad purchasing to promote the transition of domestic industry. Every industry will form a zoology, and each zoology will cooperate with each other. The cooperating resources will be shared , so as to achieve the biggest interests to a new zoology.

Big consumption is only one part of Sanpower’s three industries, the retailing will cooperate with other branch platforms of Sanpower, to work with big health business model to form the full-scale model, and with the data sharing, to make competitive modern service industry zoology. Brookstone will play an important role in this time of transition.