New Novelty Elements in Xinjiekou NJXB Store of Brookstone Hisap Brought New Surprise

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Rio Olympics is in full swing,and this wind of athletic spirits swept the world in hot summer 2016. While there is also a trend like an unstoppable hurricaneemerging, swept Xinjiekou, Nanjing --known as the first Chinese business district from the very begining, that's the grand opening ofxinbai store of Brookstone Hisap in August 13. This is the sixth store of Brookstone Hisap in just six months, the peculiar new trend has swept the entire Yangtze River Delta economic zone, There will always being a shopping crazy trend wherever they opened stores.

Peculiar new products first entering Chinese First Business District,brings extraordinary peculiar new experiences

Kexia Xin--chairman of Brookstone China and president of Hisap. Dunxun Fu-- president of Xinbai. Lihong Wang--CEO of Brookstone China, Jie Su--executive Vice President of Xinbai, Xiaomei Wu--vice president of Xinbai and so on all showed up the opening ceremony of Xinbai store, witnessed the unveiling of Xinbai store, Brookstone Hisap, on the opening day. 

Xinbai store, Brookstone Hisap is the forth store opened in Nanjing, marking the basic accomplishment of its network distribution in Nanjing market. It alsomeans the first time of Brookstone Hisap entering in the first Chinese business district--Xinjiekou, Nanjing .Last but not least, it means that there will be more and more consumers have the chance to feel the "easy surprise" that Brookstone brings them.

Brookstone--peculiar new US retailerhas a history of 50-years, it is the synonymous of peculiar new in American eyes. The launch of the new products were widely loved by all sectors of consumer groups. Thefirst attempt of Brookstone: "experience of setting" marketing model, is based on the customer experienceto create the most favorable shopping space for consumers, by constructing scenarios materialized, so make the commodities visible and touchable, leaving the commodity becomes a part of life, so that you can experience all the time.

Internet broadcast of the whole grand opening, peculiar new products lead towarmlyrecommended frenzy 

The opening day of Xinbai store wasa big surprise,catched eyes and crowded with people, it’s unusually hot! Each experience area was filled with customers and they were experiencing the strange new products under the guide of experience shopping guide. What’s more,there are many tyrant whose shopping cart are full of goods,lining up to pay the bill. A customer named Sun,holding more than 10 pieces of nape heated massage device to the checkout counter said: “this type of novelty massager is convenient and practical, which is much better than similar products on the market, taking advantage of the new store opening to buy some, not only for family elders, but also for the company colleagues.” 

Five famous online celebrities were also invited to the Opening ceremonyto do the live. Many of them fall in love with these peculiar new products in the first sight. A post-90 online celebrity said: “I usually plays the game live, if I have this cool cat headphones, I believe I will attract more and more followers.” 

According to internet celebrities,their fans are very interested in the peculiar new products,they keep asking the feeling of the products they tried and many fans said they would like to come to the store to try these products. Brookstone peculiar new productsboosting the online celebrities’ live grandin virtually. We can say that,in the near future, these peculiar new unreasonable technology products will shine in the live industry. 

Brookstone Hisap,new momentum booster traditional department stores in transition

In recent years, the traditional department store industry has suffered tremendously, Xinbai is no except from the suffering. Xinbai has been gradually realized the transformation from the traditional department store to the modern department store through consumer experience, consumer interactive, Internet plus, brand differentiation, the implementation of precision marketing, innovative marketing programs. The appearance of Brookstone, just gives a new opportunity for Xinbai to transform. 

The differences between Brookstone new surprise experience model and traditional department store retailing model Brings the fresh retailing model, peculiar new products are not only the supplement of the Xinbai products categories,  but also the expand of customer groups. The Brookstone model for Xinbai is the extend of service and promotion of experiences. This new marketing model injects fresh and strong power into Xinbai. 

We can believe that the opening of Xinbai store, Brookstone Hisap,will bring more and more nanjing citizens to purchase or experience peculiar new products, to feel the easy surprise that peculiar new products bring them, and gradually been a part of their life.