Centuries-old Store Met with the Innovative Brand ——Brookstone Entered into Xinjiekou

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Brookstone, an innovative brand from the United States that has opened many stores in China consecutively, will enter into Xinjiekou---the first commercial circle of China and open a store in Nanjing Xinjiekou Department Store. It is the fourth store that Hisap Brookstone has opened in Nanjing, but it is the first one that will be opened in Nanjing Xinjiekou Department Store. What’s more, it is the first time for the “the surprise easy to get” to enter into Xinjiekou in Nanjing, which is known as the leading commercial circle of China.

With Brookstone, Offline Store Will be Invigorated by New Experience

Entering into China, Brookstone has given Chinese consumers a lot of "Wow" easily. Hisap Brookstone will also bring surprises to Nanjing Xinjiekou Department Store (NJXB) and invigorate the offline stores.

A few days ago, Fu Duncun, the CEO of NJXB, said in an interview that the Wow experience mode introduced differentiation retail method to the traditional department store. Bringing in novelty is products enrichment as well as customer expansion for NJXB while bringing in Brookstone model is service extension and experience upgrading. Therefore, this kind of new marketing mode injected fresh blood into NJXB.

Xin Kexia, the chairman of Brookstone in China and CEO of Hisap, pointed that the scenarios experiential mode of Hisap Brookstone which was based on customers experience created superior shopping space and fully developed the advantages of the offline business. Through building materialization scenario, commodities which have become a part of life can be seen, touched and experienced at anytime.

Building NJXB B Based on Business Mode 3.0

Setting up a New Standard of Experiencing Consumption

In recent years, the traditional department store has suffered a shock. Affected by the slow-down of macro-economy, the rapid development of commercial real estate, e-commerce distributaries and the continuous attack to offline retailers, offline department stores met fierce competition and overall decline.

As one of the leaders in Nanjing department and retail industry, NJXB also met big challenges. In the cruel market environment, NJXB is seeking changes and innovations. In recent years, it has made great efforts in business type innovation, for example, NJXB has introduced Hisap Brookstone which is an important step for it.

Mr.Fu introduced NJXB concept transformation in detail that in recent years, the traditional department industry has gone through extensive and profound transformation. NJXB seized the opportunities. From the Mode 1.0 which focused on pure department to Business Mode 3.0, NJXB began to concentrate on building a new fashion NJXB B which provided scenarios experiences. NJXB has new actions in commodity supply chains, consumers experience and other field and has made great achievements. The transformation of NJXB stemmed from the observation of customers and the consumption trend. Therefore, NJXB can develop constantly, surpass the competitors through transformation, it can be down-to-earth but also maintain elegance, and win a good reputation and improve profits at the same time.

As the largest department store in Nanjing Xinjiekou-- the first commercial circle of China, NJXB must fly the flag of department store 3.0, and provide scenarios experience, personalized and diversified services. NJXB is creating new experience consumption based on Business Mode 3.0, and the introduction of Hisap Brookstone will absolutely inject new energy into NJXB and help NJXB set up a standard for fraternities who still fight with adversity.