Chinese Traditional Style VS American Innovative Style ---Hisap Brookston will surprise you

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The experience day and opening activities of Hisap Brookston were carried out from August 5th to August 7th which brought a lot of “WOW” to all of us. After bringing in a fresh “wind” in Nanjing and Shanghai, Brookstone, the largest retailer who sells novelty products in the world, entered into Suzhou and brought the unique surprise to consumers in Suzhou.

Hisap Brookston Continue to Write a Splendid Chapter for Suzhou

In the first half year, Hisap Brookston has opened four stores in succession in Nanjing and Shanghai. The opening of the store in Suzhou showed that a comprehensive layout was spread out in China. At the same time, its new and peculiar managing mode provoked much discussion in the market. The IN CITY opened in 2009 is the most popular place for the post-80s and 90s generation in Suzhou. The introduction of Hisap Brookston has attracted lots of attention of the market when this news was released. 

On the day of opening, the fashionable young people all gathered at the door of IN CITY to catch a glimpse of Hisap Brookston’s style. Those young fashionable people born in 80s and 90s have paid attention to products of Brookstone for a long time. Now they can buy what they want in Suzhou rather than buy online from other countries.

Fashion cat ear headphones, fancy and creative clayey sand, wonderful sleepping-aider which won Red Dot Design Award in German, wine decanter and other novelty products all came into view. The cashier area was very busy. Consumers waited on a long queue and all new products were prepared. So we can see Hisap Brookston has won customers.

Surprise from the Live of Web Celebrities and Thousands People Witness the Opening

On this opening ceremony, Brookstone invited many web celebrities born in the 90s who were totally attracted by all new products. When live of web celebrities met the new and peculiar Brookstone, it was the live of wed celebrities that made this opening ceremony more exciting or it was the new and peculiar Brookstone that made the web celebrities more popular. It is evident to see what those web celebrities behaved.

They said that the novelty and fashionable staffs in our circle were very popular such as the cute and fashionable cat ear earphone which was suitable for living broadcast. Those interesting products in Hisap Brookston did bring lots of surprise continually. They will become the focus of attention with those new and peculiar products in their lives.

Taking use of the influence of the web celebrities to publicize the opening of Hisap Brookston has gain remarkable effects. The amazing effect arose when the old city with thousands years of history met with the modern science and technology has been broadcasted to thousands of web users through the lives of web celebrities. Web celebrities said more than ten thousand of fans follow them and the live platform has been maxed out. Moreover, this creative marketing mode caused a marketing boom again.

The Mode 4.0 Became the Transformation Model and the Natioal Expansion was Accelerated 

With the opening of the store in Suzhou, Hisap Brookston accelerated the development of Mode 4.0 comprehensively and spared no efforts to promote the strategic transformation in five aspects namely products, stores, services, professionalism and omni-channel. After opening stores in Shanghai and Suzhou, the stores and products of Hisap Brookston were upgraded continuously which embodied 

Hisap Brookston integrated unique conception and creative skills into simplex and terminal retail and extended to the up- and down-stream of retail industry, creating a new and peculiar ecosystem of products, insiders said, at the same time, the scenarized and experience mode of Hisap Brookston caused heated debate. For sure, Hisap Brookston set up a separate flag in the huge terminal retail industry and became the transformation model for offline retail industry which would promote the reform of Chinese retail industry.

Leaders Gathered in Suzhou Which Created the Legend

On the opening day, the leader of the government of Gusu district in Suzhou, Yue Lei-- global senior vice president of Hisap, Zhang Yong--the director Three-C retail strategy service in Hisap, Xin Kexia--the chairman of Brookstone in China and CEO of Hisap, Wang Lihong--CEO of Brookstone China, Zhang Junsong--general manager of Suzhou IN CITY of SZITIC Commercial Property Co., Ltd and other leaders were invited to the opening ceremony and witnessed the inauguration of Hisap Brookston store in Suzhou IN CITY together. 

Moreover, many experts in retail industry attended the opening ceremony and gave a high praise while experienced the new products. With stores opened in Nanjing in January, in Shanghai in May, in Suzhou in August, Hisap Brookston surprised people by their fast action speed as well as their brand pursuit. As we know, stores in Wangfujing of Beijing, in House of Faster and in Xinjiekou Department Store of Nanjing which are under preparation will soon be opened. Hisap Brookston is speeding up to open new stores around China.