Online Celebrity Wang Mengqiu Visited Brookstone ---Hover UAV met with new and peculiar offl

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Recently, a mysterious big shot who is an outstanding person in this industry as well as a handsome young people visited Hisap --- the headquarter of Hisap Brookstone. He is Wang Mengqiu, the CEO and founder of Hover.

Mr. Wang, as the most popular and handsome tech upstart in China, got the doctoral degree from Stanford University and used to work for Facebook, Twitter and Ali Cloud. With two engineers at Twitter, Mr. Wang created 40% revenue for Twitter, but he withstood the stock ownership incentive and found Hover. As an entrepreneurial talent as well as a genius of originality, he is the independent researcher of Hover Camera UAV. As it is reported, this Hover Camera UAV has become popular in American science and tech circle which is called the first selfie UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)in the real sense. It is the guest that Hisap Brookstone welcomed.

The Great Advantages of Brookstone

Since entered into Mode 4.0, Hisap has carried out offline reform in product substitution, marketing strategies, brand building and other aspects. Hisap introduced Brookstone which is the new and peculiar brand in the United States who provides innumerable black technologies. Based on the common brand conception, Mr. Wang visited the headquarter of Hisap this time. Brookstone is attractive for Hover Camera UAV to enter into Chinese market.

The First Collision of the Two Great Brands 

Hisap Brookstone pays great attention to innovation and the brand conception of experience which complies with the conception of selfie Hover Camera UAV which will come into the market soon. The exhibition and promotion platform offered by Brookstone is good for the marketing of Hover Camera UAV.

Bright Future with Win-win Cooperation

During this visit, the two parties had a comprehensive and profound discussion about products prospects, research and development, brand building, promotion in Chinese mainland and other questions. The chairman Xin Kexia made a comprehensive and detailed introduction about the national development plan of Brookstone which was new and peculiar and showed great interests to the research of Mr. Wang such as the R&D of UAV and the expansion of domestic market.

Mutual Benefit and Long-term Strategic Cooperation

Based on the great prospect of the new and peculiar stores of Brookstone and the tremendous market potential of Hover Camera UAV, the two parts reached a preliminary consensus. As for UAV market development, they will achieve overall cooperation and upgrade the supply chain, thus building a long-term strategic cooperation.

f Mr. Wang such as the R&D of UAV and the expansion of domestic market.

This meeting between Mr. Wang and Mr. Xin built a long-term cooperation bridge for mutual benefit and cooperation between the two upstarts --- Hisap Brookstone and Hover Camera built a solid foundation for the development of mutual benefit and reciprocity of the two companies.