Heavy Rain! JSTV and the SDU of Brookstone are on the Spot.

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With the rain coming down heavier, media in Nanjing, Suzhou and all over the country begun to report the flood disaster.

NanJing City View was flooded!

The water table in Nanjing section, Yangtze River has raised to vertices with the continuous rainfall. The hydrophilic footpath lay in Hexi Culture and Sport Park for Youth has already been drowned in the river and the NanJing City View was almost been flooded.

Only few of the scale in the hundred years water table pillars named “the Memory of Yangtze River” can be seen now, which means the water table in Nanjing maybe reach the highest in history. 

The water was over the river channel and cars almost broke the bridge.

The rapidly increasing water table has completely submerged the plank road and revetment on both sides of Jiqingmen Bridge yesterday. Nanjing bridge Maintenance Company specially assembled about 10 large vehicles which stopped on both sides of Jiqingmen Bridge to protect the bridge in the river with rapidly increasing water table. JSTV worked with the SDU of Brookstone reported the water logging situation with the UAV capturing the full view of the road.

The water in river flow backward in Fengtai South Road, and the traffic was still heavy.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the water in river flow backward in Fengtai South Road, which caused the road at the end of Hong Bridge to be drown. The water in the road was 40cm deep. When the SDU of Brookstone following with journalists of JSTV headed for the spot, they found the road was still impassable.

It is hard for journalists to interview in the water-logged zone with rain and mud.

Crossing River Museum in Sancha River

The UAV captured that the water table in Sancha River had surpassed the highest table this year.  

The small park of Crossing River Museum has been completely drawn except the tree-crown in the park.

The news report of Jiangsu news public channel was supported by aerial photo technology of the SDU of Brookstone which helped to shoot pictures in several severely afflicted areas in Nanjing downtown area.

Warning when you go outside in raining day.

1. You should check the traffic around you when go outside in thunderstorms especially with children. Do not touch the street lamps, poles, signal poles and outdoor french billboard which would cause electric shock. In addition, the transformer is easy become short out or discharge in thunderstorms which would threat human life and security.

2. As the water was accumulated in some places in Nanjing after few days thunderstorms, so do not go to the place where water is accumulated. Mark the sign if the water flows out or the shutter is not covered well or call the police directly.

1:City> downtown area.

3. Go out for fewer times in raining or stormy day especially for the senior, young and pregnant woman who should go out with accompany. If you must go outside, please wear raincoat or other rainproof tools. You should keep a long distance with the car at your front and watch the traffic around you.

4. If you are out of door, please wear rubber shoes for fear of electric shock. When the rain is heavy, do not ride fast in order to keep from raining, and you should focus on the traffic around you and check the road condition in front of you. Please slow down in raining day for the road is wet and slippery.

5. When it rains, do not play under trees and high-rise buildings. Do not take off your shoes or clothes. Dry off your body to keep from electric shock.

condition in front of you. Please slow down in raining day for the road is wet and slippery.

Important Notice: Please call 57715400/12345 when you meet with water accumulation place.

Part of the pictures are from the internet.