Funing Was Attacked by Strong Tornado and Hisap Offered Help to the Disaster Area

 Release time:2016-06-27   Content source:

On the afternoon of June 23th, Funing, Sheyang and other places in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province was hit by strong thunder and lightning, short-time but heavy rain, hail and other severe convection weather. Some areas were attacked by the tornado. By now, 99 people were killed, 846 were injured among which nearly 200 were badly hurt. Many houses in those areas were damaged. Electricity and telephone communication have been disrupted and signals were very weak. Facing this disaster, Hisap held a meeting in the CEO office that very night to discuss about how to offer help for those areas.

 Leading by Xin Kexia---the chairman of Hisap Brookstone, Hisap rescue team delivered necessary life supplies to people who suffered in Funing disaster area in the shortest time. 


 At the first day when the rescue team arrived at Funing, the traffic is heavy because there were many rescue cars. The rescue team of Hisap rushed to the marshalling points and handed over goods and materials to the disaster relief department of the government. All relief materials were gathered in Mingguang Senior Hospital and Relief Materials Transfer Stop in Funing and then were handled by China Charity uniformly. After handing over all goods and materials, the rescue team hurried to Caihe village that was worst-hit and handed over emergency tools, flashlight and other search and rescue materials to People's Armed Police. The SDU of Brookstone used the UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)to help the armed police to search and rescue through expanding the view in the air. 

 At the second day of rescue support, the rescue team of Hisap arrived at the makeshift camp in Dashuoji Central Primary School and actively cooperated with the rescue center. We handed over the second batch of goods and materials mainly including instant noodles, mineral water and other emergency food. Due to tornado, national power grid was affected and part of the electric power tower was badly damaged. The SDU of Brookstone controlled the UAV to take the aerial photo, in this way it helped the JSTV to give a live broadcast and observe the degree of damage and recovery. At the same time, the SDU of Brookstone was asked to help the staff of CCTV by using UAV to take the aerial photo and record the whole condition of the disaster areas and people’s life condition in the third day after the disaster. The SDU of Brookstone attracted the attention of the rescue team. The rescuer came to have a look of Osmo handheld platform, emergency lights with three functions, multi-functional emergency tools and so on. Then our operator gave a detailed explanation about those tools. Rescuers said that they need those professional tools in the rescue scene. 

 At the last day of rescue support, the rescue team of Hisap donated the aerial photo UAV Elves 3 to the Fire Corps of Xuzhou. The battalion chief appreciated our support to them and pointed that UAV is the most important tool in relief materials. It marks the end of three days rescue in Funing. 

 Everything was ruined and waited to be renovated after the disaster. In this rescue support, we saw that all kinds of rescue activities were carried through in an order, the need of the affected people was met in time and the great technologies and professional personnel were taken full used of. 

 Facing disasters, the whole country has given the affected people hope and fighting will with love and support. Hisap will support the affected people in the disaster area in Funing forever.