A Glory Appearance of Brookstone in the British Queen’s Birthday Party in Shanghai

 Release time:2016-06-15   Content source:

Many places around the world organized various activities to celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II this year. On June 14th, the Queen’s Birthday Party sponsored by British Consulate General was held in Intercontinental Shanghai Ruijin Hotel. Hisap as the cooperative partner of this party joined this party with its unique elements.

Hisap Joined the Grand Cream Tea Party for the Queen Again to Enrich their Friendship  

Over 800 people were invited to join this tea party with British style to enjoy delicious Baking English Cream Tea as well as various recreational activities. Moreover, this British cream tea party held for the Queen by the British Consulate General allowed people to participate jointly, which successfully challenged the world record of the largest British cream tea party.

The origin of the relationship between Hisap and British Royal Family can be traced backed to one year ago when Hisap became the partner of “Creative British Ceremony” held by the UK government. It was during this activity that the chairman of Hisap Yuan Yafei reached an agreement on establishing World Wildlife Fund together with Prince William. In October last year, Hisap signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the British Royal Foundation, and officially carried out the project of wildlife protection. The deep friendship with Britain and the Royal Family promoted Hisap to join the birthday partyfor the Queen held by the British Consulate General in 2016.

The New Novelty Appeared Surprisingly in the Birthday Party of the Queen

On the day of the Queen’s birthday ceremony, the new novelty stood out such as the cute Cat Ear Headphone which attracted a lot of attention. The Cat Ear Headphone with a fashionable appearance boasts of a cat ear type loudspeaker box as well as a speaker with which you can share the music with your friends. The remote control spy car which only showed in moviesalso appeared in the party which surprised all guests. Many guests took photos with those novelties who also got surprising gifts offered by Brookstone.

Brookstone not only offered various high-tech products experience for adult guests but also prepared toys for children coming with the adults. And colorful clayey sand has become their favorite toy, which was eco-friendly, non-toxic and easy to shape. What’s more, the most distinctive feature of the sand is that it does no harm to children’s eyes because of its viscidity.

In the performance time, adorable dancing robots came on stage, which won warm applause by their funny dancing. During the performance time, many UAV in the sky offered by Brookstone captured the precious images of the party.

Coming from the United States, Brookstone with a Long History Introduced New Lifestyle when it First Entered into Shanghai.

Many of the products of Brookstone were shown in the Queen’s Birthday Party in 2016, which have attracted people from all walks of life in Shanghai. As it is reported, Brookstone founded in 1965 in America has 50 years of history and is famous for sales of various unique and hard-to-find products. In June of 2014, cooperating with Sailing Capital, Sanpower Group made an acquisition and operation of Brookstone and brought it to China.

On June 9th, the store of Hisap Brookstone in Xujiahui of Shanghai started business grandly. The sales on the first day of the opening broke through 12 million. As the first flagship store of Brookstone in Shanghai, it marked that Brookstone entered into China officially. Cat Ear Headphone, wine decanter and sleeping aider of Hisap Brookstone store in Xujiahui attracted numerous consumers to experience the new products. Consumers can experience many “Easy Surprise” inthe store such as the experience zone of creative clayey sand customized for children, high-tech robots and UAV which can be seen everywhere in stores.

Until now, with four stores including the store in Shanghai, Brookstone China has become the sign of novelties. We believed it will make the new novelty become a new lifestyle in the near future.