Return to Offline Business and Create New Legend by Transformation

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                                                 ---The sale boom on the first day of opening of Brookstone store in Shanghai 

       With the rise of e-business, online to offline (O2O) sale mode became more and more popular and began to be used in all walks of life. The traditional offline management mode began to decline, which has been called “struggle with no hope”.
Is that true? No. The appearance of Hisap Brookstone not only brought hope to offline transformation but also offered new attempt to change the whole business structure. The average daily sales of the three stores of Brookstone in Shanghai increased steadily. Thus, Hisap Brookstone has a bright future.

       What’s more, the flagship store of Hisap Brookstone which has brought surprise to Shanghai started business grandly in Xujiahui. Brookstone as the innovative retailer introduced the first flagship into Shanghai. The opening of the store of Hisap Brookstone introduced a new tony lifestyle into Shanghai as well as a new direction of business transformation into the center of the Chinese economy.

Long Queues out the Door

Both Chinese and Foreign Consumers Rush to Purchase the New Novelty

In the morning of June 9th, there were people everywhere in Xujiahui of Shanghai. Numerous fashionable young people came and queued up out the door of Brookstone flagship store before it started its business. What’s more, it even attracted many foreigners. Some people joked that all foreigners in Shanghai had come to Brookstone. On the first day of opening, Xin Kexia, president of Hisap and the chairman of Brookstone China was invited to attend the opening ceremony, which marked the officially opening of Hisap Brookstone.

       On the opening day, Hisap Brookstone created “Easy surprise Shanghai!”-a unique party-specially for the fashionable people in Shanghai, which has attracted many people come to have an interaction. Besides, the experience zone in the store was surrounded by many customers. They were full of curiosities to the new novelty integrating creativity, functionalism and high quality of experience.

       There are a crowd of young fashionable people born in the post 90s and 00s who paid much attention to the Cat Ear Headphone and worn the headphone to take selfie. A cute girl said that they loved live streaming in life where they can show their fashionable and new products. Cat Ear Headphone has powerful function, which cannot only be used to listen to music but also be used to show in game living or communications with friends.

       There are many young couples at the front of the drinking vessel with high-quality in Brookstone. They said that they were interested in those products and wanted to buy wine decanter and stainless steel “ice cube” because their parties usually for recreation would always drink red wine and foreign wine. They love the products of Brookstone which are innovative and have a high quality. The star product “Aero Wine Aerator”, a stainless steel wine decanter, is a great tool that they wanted to buy for a long time. It can release the smell and flavor in a few seconds, which are the most miraculous function. 

       Compared with other traditional selling method, the Hisap Brookstone has attracted numerous kids with its new type of selling method focusing on experience and interaction. The sticky sand attracted many children who concentrated on sticky sand making. Parents said they would take their children to play in  Hisap Brookstone if their children had no other activities. In addition, many fans of UAV had flight test of the UVA with great enjoyment.

It is estimated that the customers flow rate reached to XXX thousands by the noon of the opening day, and sales have broken through XX million Yuan. As the products were very popular, some of them were in shortage on that day, which needed to be delivered from headquarter in the United States. A customer coming from the United State said that finally he can see Brookstone in Shanghai, which made them feel very familiar. Now they did not need to buy innovative products by coming back to their country. 

The First Experience of the New Novelty in Shanghai Hisap Launched the Strategy of Version 4.0

Since the opening of the first store of Brookstone in Nanjing Aqua City on New Year's Day, Hisap Brookstone has opened three stores in Nanjing. This time the successful opening of the flagship store in Shanghai marked that Brookstone has walked out of Nanjing and entered into cities around the whole country. The store of Hisap Brookstone in Shanghai not only provided new and fashionable shopping experience for customers in Shanghai but also marked that it had made a firm step in Chinese market, from this we can see, this innovative brand from America will grow up quickly in China.

       At the meantime, the opening of store of Hisap Brookstone in Shanghai also marked that Hisap has entered into a new era of Version 4.0. In the strategic blueprint of Version 4.0, Hisap will transform from PCMALL to Hisap Brookstone by purchasing Brookstone. Traditional 3C stores will carry out overall transformation. In aspect of products, it will transform to the new novelties while in the aspect of sale model, it will transform to focus on experience-oriented sale. There are traditional 3C products which are familiar to people as well as various innovative products which brought new experience for customers in the store of Hisap Brookstone. As Xin Kexia, the president of Hisap and the chairman of Brookstone China said that the most fashionable, creative and unique life and digital products in the future would all be found in Brookstone, so welcome all of you to experience the new products in the flagship store of Brookstone in Xu Jiahui in Shanghai.