The Opening of “Flight Festival in Spring” ---The flight club will be expanded to all of the countr

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On April 10th, the first“Flight Festival in spring” of “Flying Tigers” of Hisap was officially launched in the Chuhe River Scenic Belt in Zhangwei Community, Yongning Road, Pukou District, Nanjing City. Professional personnel of “Flying Tigers” led by the vice president of Hisap Mu Jianxiang, and the assistant executive and the general manager of product center of Brookstone Gao Zhenyu offered Phantom UAV experience and training for about 50 customers. All customers enjoyed a lot in the rich interaction activities.

The first flight festival can be divided into three parts in the morning: firstly,Zhu Yao, the member of “Flying Tigers”of Hisap gave a professional and brief introduction about UAV to the experiencers including the basic conception about UAV and flight safety specification. In addition, he gave a safe operation training and guidance of shooting for those experiencers. Then the professional personnel demonstrated the characteristics of products and safe flight methods in the test site in the Scenic Belt. Finally, those experiencers completed their independent flight and joined the challenge activities for beginners under the guidance of the professional personnel. The senior operator Mr.Zhang said that, with the stable and easy-operational function of Phantom 4 UAV, more people can operate the UAV and realize their fly dream to appreciate the world in a new perspective.

In the afternoon of the opening day, the “Flying Tigers” of Hisap invited Li Qing, the member of Photographic Society of America, the Photographers’ Association in Jiangsu Province and the Chinese Ocean Photographers’ Association, to give a shot guidance for the beginners. His wonderful lecture made all the experiencers have a deep understanding about photography, from which the beginners were all benefited. What’s more, people who experienced the activities appealed passionately for other similar activities like this.

Media like Life Channel, STV NEWS, the Eighteenth Channel of Nanjing Television Station and Pukou Television Station interviewed the whole activity of “Flying Tigers” of Hisap. The principal of “Flying Tigers” said that this activity was the first step of Hisap to create national professional and authoritative UAV flight club with the largest influence. Until now, Hisap has built branches of “Flying Tigers” around the country and continuously carried out activities about “Flying Tigers” club. Thus more people can come to experience UAV flight and gradually its influence will cover the whole country.