China Chain Operation Association Gave a Like to “Flying Tigers” of Hisap

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On November 11th, not long after the ending of the 17th China Chain Operation Association Meeting and 2015 CHINASHOP, as the sponsor, China Chain Operation Association sent a testimonial to Sanpower Group to thank what it has done to this meeting and appreciated that the image and spirit of Sanpower Groupwas carried out thoroughly from the beginning to the end of the meeting. In the letter of thanks, the sponsor also expressed its thanks to Hisap. On the opening ceremony, the “Flying Tigers” of UAV got the show started, which made the scene full of excitement. What’s more, Hisap took full use of the cool products such as intelligent robot, and various new novelties to attract people’s attention in the exhibition after the opening ceremony.

UAV got the show started

As an exhibition leading transformation, the UAV team of Hisapwas invited to help get the show started which made the show full of the feeling of high-tech. When the tycoons of the retail industry pressed the laser transmitter, UAV with a banner declaring “CHINASHOP”and the slogan of this meeting “Let us work hand by hand”flied together in to the sky. At that moment, all leaders and audiences witnessed UAV all the time and all cameras and phones took pictures for UAV. Then the members of “Flying Tigers”gave an amazing flight performance and guided people in the opening ceremony to enter into the exhibition hall in a uniform formation.

This opening ceremony launched by“Flying Tigers” brought joy and laugh into the scene, which helped Hisap win a good reputation. Through the UAV team, Hisap showed a new scene, a new development and a new future of an enterprise going through transformation for the industry, which coincided with the theme of this meeting “Integration and Transformation”. Guo Geping of China Chain Operation Association and other representatives in this meeting gave a high appreciation to Hisap on other occasions.

Unknown Story behind “Flying Tigers”of UAV

It is known that it only took Hisap less than 24 hours in completing the organization, formation, test flight and other work of the “Flying Tigers”show in 2015 CHINASHOP, which made everyone feel surprised. “Flying Tigers”is a brand new team. On November 4th, the club organized by UAV amateurs officially held a launching ceremony in the 15th anniversary celebration of Hisap. This team was officially named “Flying Tigers”because they hoped the UAV team like a “Brave Eagle” whichcould embody the courageous and hard-working spirit of Hisap can be widely known like the real “Flying Tigers”in Chinese market. 

This was the first show of “Flying Tigers” in public which was very successful and enhanced troop morale. Related officials said that “Flying Tigers”offered a new idea for the marketing management of intelligent products of Hisap. The intelligent products of Hisap would be operated around the form of “ player club” which can not only achieve the precision marketing of products but also help to do more detailed and professional work at the aspects of products, application, technique support and so forth.

It is known that numerous staff of Hisap led by the senior managers had jointed to experience the high-tech and innovative products in order to show the high-tech and innovative products to the public in a better way, grasp the experiencing feel of the product and gain wider experience to achieve the goal of experience-oriented marketing and scene sales. Staffs with different positions and works all came to buy their company’s products, and all employees opened stores in Wechat and devoted to selling. What’s more, they took full use of their free time to have training, share their experience and promote sales in forum, Wechat and other social media. There is a positive and brave attitude behind “Flying Tigers”, which is the spirit of Hisap of hard-working, aggressiveness and seeking transformation.